Open hours

The course open is open, Welcome!

At Uppsala Fotbollsgolf you have two choices if you wanna visit us.

Pay & Play

The course is open all day, from morning till evening and you can just

drop in and handling all by yourself. Just pay the money and get your scorecard and

ball and having fun. Please read the rules before you begin the game!

(for prices, check opening page on our site)


The second option is to book. This is prefered if you are 5 or more. Then you get an instructor helping you. Explaining the rules and give you some hints. And then you also will have the oportunity to buy som snacks if you want.

(Call Joakim Wiberg at tel. +46705-51 37 88 or mail at

On saturdays there will often be an instructor at the course


Welcome to make a visit

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