To know

  • You don't have to bring your own equipment such as balls, paper or pens. These things you find at the course.
  • The holes diameter is about 55 cm.
  • You are not permitted to use soccer shoes with dubs.
  • If you loose the ball you have to pay for it with 100 SEK.


  • The ball shall allways be played from the spot where it lays.
  • The ball must be still before you kick it. 
  • You can use any technics you like when you kick it as long it can be described as a kick and nothing else.
  • When you're near the hole the best way is to kick the ball with the underside of your shoe on top of the ball. This will make the ball go more straight in line.
  • If you don't want or cannot play the ball where it lay you can move it three meters  as long it's not in the direction of the hole. This movement will render you 1 punishment points. 6 meter gives two points and so on.
  • If you get the ball in the water (holes 5,6,7,13,14 and 18) Fish it up and mark 1 punishment point. The ball shall be placed 1 meter nearest the point where it got into the water.
  • If the ball got stuck into trees or bushes you can start over three meters from the obstacles and gets 1 punishment point.
  • Even if the ball jumps out after it went in the hole will go as finished.
  • It's okay to bring the flag out of the hole if you think it give you a better chance.
  • At the fourth hole the ball have to go around the telephone pole.
  • The player with best result from the hole before starts on the next one. Then the second best goes and so on.
  • After drive it's allways the players with the ball furthest away from the hole who shall kick and so on.
  • You must not destruct any trees bushes or obstacles to make a better shoot.

Tips for a good play!

  • Long legged trousers and good shoes is highly recommended.
  • Before you starts why not play and trick kick with the ball.
  • If you get outside the course check the ground before kick the ball to prevent hitting stones and other things laying on ground.
  • Many times there is not a good tactic kicking the ball with full thrust because that way you only lose accuracy!
  • Some of the bushes have thorns we recommend you to be careful if you going in there.
  • The games is at own risk..

The official rules can be found here:
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